There is no such thing as a "standard" commission. Each company may have varying rules, but there isn't one "golden" rule when it comes to realtor fees or commission. However, the old rule of thumb "you get what you pay for" generally applies to paying a Realtor as well. If I was a seller and interviewing Realtors I would run far from the one that agreed to cut or reduce commission without hesitation in order to get the listing. If a Realtor can't even negotiate on their own behalf for the one way they make a living and tell you why they deserve the commission they are asking for how well do you think they will negotiate on your behalf when you get an offer on your home? Which Realtor do you think will diligently go about the marketing, mailings, prospecting for your home that is for sale and which one will not worry if they dont send a postcard here and an email there....the one that can tell you exactly why they charge what they do or the one that has no problem cutting costs when they get too busy...That is the question sellers should be asking themselves.

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